The 2011 Predictions Review; How’d We Do?

New Years Clock

As the calendar turns over another year we like to make predictions on the Bella Buzz podcast, but that’s for a future show. On this episode we take a look back at the episode we recorded on December 29, 2010 so that we can determine how well our prognostications went for 2011.

We do this for fun, but we also try to view the process as a way to help position our activities for the coming year. Our immersion in the online space provides us with some foreshadowing that hopefully brings insight into our conversations, and ultimately can be passed along to the listeners.

Let’s run down what we expected to happen in 2011 and see how we did:

1) Cloud computing will become even more powerful.

Certainly with the announcement of iCloud deeply embedded in the latest update of Apple’s iOS, we are seeing the massive movement to content stored in the cloud.  In fact, we are beyond having apps in the cloud and using the bandwidth provided by services such as Amazon S3, we are starting to see entire businesses built around helping enterprise manage their cloud infrastructure.  Businesses including Cloudability and TwinStrata are getting significant traction.

2) Facebook will have numerous retail integrations.

Desiree recently announced a partnership with e-commerce platform provider BigCommerce, which provides high level functionality including an easy integration with Facebook.  We connected with Benjamin Trotter during the year for an appearance on The Bella Buzz to discuss his company StoreFront Social, plus we are seeing almost daily announcements regarding companies using Facebook as a platform for leveraging the social graph for commerce.  Event ticketing through Facebook could mean a significant disruption in the stranglehold Ticketmaster has had on the market.

3) There will be a growth of serious CyberCrime.

Unfortunately this was a prediction that we did not want to see come to fruition, but did in fact grow in notoriety in 2011.  Maybe the silver lining we can take from issues such as the SONY Playstation hack and the recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce breach is that elevated awareness is actually a good thing for ensuring all parties are diligent in protecting themselves.

This was also the year that we had an elevated awareness of the challenges for children online, through a consulting arrangement with What’s  The fact that children under the age of 13 are falsifying their ages in massive numbers just to participate in Facebook is staggering, and the potential hazards are scary.  Parents need to be aware of the activities of children and prevent potential outbreaks of other types of cybercrimes.

4) Many other social networks will appear.

It almost seemed impossible at the start of 2011 that we could have even MORE social networks hit the scene, but Desiree hit it right on the button.  There were many niche social networks that launched throughout the year and they have achieved enormous growth.  Activity sites such as Path, photo sharing on Instagram, content consumption on GetGlue and social music on Spotify are just a few of the networks that have risen during the year.

It seems that the successful approach is to focus on a very specific niche, and then to leverage the social graphs accumulated on Facebook or Twitter to help distribute the activity.  Look for more of this in the future.

5) Web connected TV’s will reach critical mass in 2011.

So we aren’t 100% correct, but we were not that far off on this one.  We were thinking that the hot item with all of the buzz for this holiday season was going to be a web integrated television, but it seems the tablet is this year’s top gift. However, we are seeing the groundwork being laid out for an epic battle between the traditional television business models versus internet streaming.

Here are just a few items in the news that are part of this bigger story:

The SOPA Bill supported by big media lobbies would have a harmful impact on content distribution.

Steve Jobs biography hints at a more integrated Apple TV strategy.

The Super Bowl will be streamed online for free.

Is it content or devices that come first while we move towards streaming television entertainment?  Keep an eye out for these developments!

We’re on to our predictions for 2012 on the next episode of The Bella Buzz podcast coming in January, so stay tuned!

To all of our faithful listeners and friends, from Desiree and Joe, we wish you the very Happiest of Holidays.


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The Great Unfollow Experiment


It has been some time since we have done a Bella Buzz podcast with only Desiree and Joe chatting about the latest and greatest in the world of online business.  We have had many wonderful guests over the course of this past year and we encourage you to check out each and every one of them.  The conversations allow us an inside look into the transformative efforts and the business rationale behind these entrepreneurs.

On this episode we go back to our original format in order to discuss a recent revelation that has led Desiree to take some action that she calls “The Great Unfollow Experiment.” As social media began to take off in adoption rate a few years back, there was a reference made to a Dunbar Number.  We have mentioned it in previous podcasts, but essentially it relates to the maximum number of people an individual can have some form of meaningful relationship with.  Social media was supposed to allow us to expand our Dunbar Numbers due to the ease of connecting and communicating.

It turns out the Desiree, and others such as Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuck on The Daily, have determined that following a massive amount of people simply renders the various platforms and networks useless.  A platform like Twitter is only as good as the information that you can get out of the links from trusted people, and if you have six figures worth of people in your stream, there is no way to pull anything of value from that fast flowing gauntlet.

Some social networks are even taking this limitation into account.  Path has released an app that allows users to share with a limited number of connections. It started at 50 and has been raised to a Dunbar friendly 150 people.

So Desiree decided to start over and wanted to start using Twitter better again.  She used Social Ooomph and over the course of about 19 hours unfollowed 19,000 people!  The response has been quite (strange) interesting actually as some have been hurt and angered by this action.  If the value of the connection is simply just as a number, then the purpose is lost.  The only reason for following someone is because you are able to glean knowledge, insight or business opportunity.  #Followback arrangements are not what the founders of Twitter ever intended.

Desiree will be speaking at SoCon 2012 this February about this experiment, and it will be interesting as it proceeds to see if there is any business impact pro or con to reducing the amount of Twitter connections.  There might actually be some benefit to using the platform to discover new insights.

The use of Facebook as a platform is also an interesting development as we move forward.  Services such as Foursquare, Get Glue, Spotify … the number of followers on these services does not matter if your true social graph resides on Facebook.  These services are simply User Interfaces for posting things and managing preferences. The value of the service comes from its ability to provide recommendations based upon their wealth of data!

Stay tuned over the course of the next few weeks as we discuss some of these developments during our annual recap and prediction shows, and look for some great guests lined up in 2012 already!


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Meet Tweeplayer Founder Mick Darling


One of the more popular activities while using Twitter is participating in conversations around live events or television.  Desiree has uncovered an entire business model of live tweeting conferences as a Twitter MC, while Joe has immersed himself in the online baseball community.

Our guest on this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast has built a platform that ensures that the conversation can continue even when the event has concluded.  Mick Darling and his team have developed TweePLayer, a service that syncs video and twitter conversations for future access.

At the core of the service is the capturing and curating of twitter content that takes place during an event and synchronizing it to be played at a later time.  The event can be TV shows, sporting events, conferences or any other activity that generates significant chatter simultaneously.  The platform is in beta development, but will soon be able to capture the conversations taking place on Facebook as well.

The technology is advanced enough so that it displays the tweets taking place along with the exact moment of the recorded video, but it also allows viewers to tweet via the platform, so future viewings will include the new tweets as well.  This really ensures that participants can fully engage with the conversation and build on it in future viewings. This will have an interesting effect historically for example, if circumstances change the overall perception of an event and we look back at the way the conversation has morphed over time.

In order to pull off a comprehensive view of the conversation surrounding an event, TweePLayer must first evaluate all of the possible ways in which viewers might be conversing beyond a simple hashtag.  Once they have identified an event to record, they will abstract names, characters, time zones, any other factor that will allow them to capture all of the relevant conversation taking place. These keywords are searched and downloaded directly from Twitter.  A high level semantic analysis will provide some great discoveries to increase the relevance and gives TweePLayer a huge advantage over other possible competitors.

The spark of Mick’s idea came during a conversation at SXSW with a friend who was concerned about getting spoiled about a Tivo’d episode of Lost.  Mick realized it might be cool to have a “Tivo for Twitter”.  The idea started to incubate, but it wasn’t until the following year at SXSW that a representative from The State Department requested a demo for none other than Secretary Clinton!  This provided the genesis of the functionality that exists on the platform today.

Some of the best content producers on the web, including Leo Laporte, are looking for ways to prevent the evaporation of the conversations taking place around their podcasts and videos, and might be perfect candidates for implementing TweePlayer. Mick has discovered one of the challenges of this type of content is one of the mediums greatest attributes .. the format is not dictated by a time limit.  This makes it hard for TweePLayer to capture the data automatically and might require a form of human “producer”.  It is not impossible to implement, but would need to be integrated into a business model.

There is even an educational technology application that this can be applied to.

We would like to thank Mick for his time in speaking with us on The Bella Buzz podcast.  To find out more, go to and the blog and find all of the activities that Mick is involved in by Googling his name!


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Social Meteorology with Derek Van Nostran from The Weather Channel


Some listeners of The Bella Buzz podcast might be old enough to remember how interesting it was that a 24/7 all-weather television network appeared on their cable television (1982 btw).  Many questioned whether it would be possible to sustain viewers and maintain an actual business with this format.  The answer became a resounding yes.

Today, the information The Weather Channel distributes has landed on numerous forms of media beyond the coaxial cable systems.  We are delighted to have Vice President of Brand Strategy, Derek Van Nostran, join us to discuss their efforts in using social media to drive their content.

Our timing for having Derek as a guest was quite appropriate as we just had a very early Nor’easter snow storm in New England termed #Snowtober all over Twitter.

The Weather Channel has been receiving some recognition, including a Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Excalibur Award for their Weather Social project.  Weather Social incorporates the volume of activity and conversation taking place on Twitter, and appears on a segment of the broadcast.  It is literally possible to “view” the progress of a storm front by monitoring the activity of people on the social network.

It takes a lot of technology to parse the volume of data that appears, even when looking at just one single social network like Twitter.  The Weather Channel relied on Wiredset and Trendrr to help them excavate the relevant information among the noise.

Some companies have come to realize that they actually do have a valid social media strategy, many still have not, but for The Weather Channel the strategy clicked when they realized that by incorporating the local nature of weather with the local nature of social media, they could improve their ability to cover a story.  Thus, the birth of millions of “Social Meteorologists!”

The new iPad app is a tremendous upgrade from previous versions, as they came to understand that users wanted to be able to access the basic weather information first, and then drill down into the details in more time.  The full earth view is tremendous!

Thanks for your time Derek!  Looking forward to the continuing evolution of The Weather Channel, integrated in exciting ways into our every day lives.


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Social Media and Social Change; A Conversation with Rev MacInnes


We have spent eighty-eight episodes of the Bella Buzz podcast discussing the impact of technology on our world. We have spent time analyzing the impact of social media on business, communications and personal connections, but not once have we discussed the impact of social media on survival …  until today.

Desiree and Joe are please to introduce the listening audience to Rev MacInnes. Rev’s story is well documented in the article that he wrote for Huntington Post called Starbucks Changed My Life: An Open Letter to Howard Schultz.  Rev reached out to Desiree after discovering her mutual Chicago connection and realized that she might be able to help him spread the word about his efforts to help others who are in a homeless situation.

It is a testament to social media that we can learn about Rev’s life story and for Rev to have the chance to communicate with luminaries from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or celebrities such as Mila Jovovich.

With the help of Maegan Carberry, the story of Rev’s relationship to Starbucks was made public.  The gist of the story revolves around a period in his life when Rev needed to determine a place to stay warm between 7:00 am, when the shelter closed, and 9:00 am, when the library opened.  Most of the time Rev would visit the local Starbucks, spend some money from the gift card that he possessed, and use the wifi to work and access social sites.  As the funds on the card diminished and his concern grew about what to do, Rev turned to his Twitter followers to ask for advice. Not only did the group come through with advice, they offered to put some funds on the card so that he could continue to use the Starbucks as his “third place.”

Rev is building upon this concept and has incorporated the help of some interns to produce a grant for a research study that focuses on how “small things do great things.” A business outcome could be for a fund that would be directed towards helping a local individual in need.

Another entity that Rev introduces us to is Gifted Dreamers and Kristine Socall, who has tapped into Rev’s passion.

If you want to get directly involved in the work that Rev is doing, you can visit where he has set up a petition “calling on Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, to partner with local community organizations and the global Twitter community to make Starbucks an even better place for those in the homeless community who depend upon it.”

You can find more of what is happening at Rev’s blog I’m From Nothing.  BTW, Rev is currently living in an apartment that is paid for via a program through H.U.D.

We thank him for his time today and for making an impact on others.


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Going Mobile with Jamie Turner the 60 Second Marketer

Go Mobile Book Cover | The Bella Buzz podcast

We have looked into the future of technology and we have come to terms with the fact that it will surround us no matter where we are.  Our friend from earlier conversations about Social Media, Jamie Turner joins us to talk about his upcoming book, Go Mobile, due out in 2012.

Jamie is the founder of the 60 Second Marketer and the host of the Go Mobile conference. Jamie works with Hubspot on many ventures, and he and his co-author Jeanne Hopkins have decided to take the conference to numerous cities. Keep an eye out for it in your town!

Why Mobile? Gartner research predicts that by 2013 more people will be accessing the internet via mobile devices than by their computers.

We are looking forward to more and more devices providing near-field communication (NFC) capabilities. The recent release of the Apple iPhone 4s did not include this functionality, but applications such as Google Wallet and Visa payWave  are making this a reality.

We don’t want to limit ourselves to how we think about mobile in the sense of devices.  When you start to envision the capabilities of applications such as Ford Sync, you can see the progression of mobile technology integration.

One of the exciting features that Apple announced at the iPhone 4s event was the introduction of Siri, a voice interface with the phone. This hands free command and control, with highly capable artificial intelligence, is a significant step in the development of human and hardware interaction.

The privacy ramifications have to be a key part of the mobile and social conversation and Jamie addresses some of those in his book.

We thank Jaime for his valuable time.  For those interested in connecting with him you can find him on the 60 Second Marketer blog. You can also find his How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider’s Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business at Amazon. Follow him on Twitter at


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Social TV Event; At the Intersection of TV and Social Media

Social TV Event | The Bella Buzz

We are pleased to have Eric Holtzclaw and Kevin O’Connor from User Insight as our guests on this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast. After many years of service conducting high quality user research for big name clients, they decided that it was time to put their experience to use on a topic that is quickly evolving right in our living rooms.  They invested their own resources to research how people interact with their televisions and related content.

The outcomes from that research will be presented on October 20th, 2011 at  The Social TV Event. Attendees, either streaming or in person, will have access to some of the innovators in this truly exciting space.

Many listeners to the podcast can relate to the fact that people are now participating in some form of social media interaction simultaneous to watching television. User Insight uses a broad definition of social media to include everything from text messaging to accessing major social networks. Participants were also taken off the couch and into the lab to preview some of the latest technologies that will be rolling out. Brands are interested in finding out how these social interactions take place and glean knowledge from User Insight in order to figure out how they fit in.

Content producers are also challenged with competing in the “four screen” environment.  The Social TV Event will provide some real world advice on how to develop compelling content that can capture attention, including insight from Dean McBeth who was the digital strategist behind the hugely successful Old Spice campaign. He is one of the many guest speakers attendees will hear from.

Desiree points out that the Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass App is breaking new ground in how the television and application world are merging.

A research outcome for User Insight has been the development of Personas.  These personas provide a cluster of users based upon behaviors and patterns of buying decisions, technology usage and even lifestyle choices.  Brands can use these definitions to determine best communication approaches.

Kevin and Eric have also initiated a unique approach to distributing information before, during and even after the event by incorporating Twitter MC’s, including Desiree. She and Krystelle Lorraine will be providing a direct perspective on the conversation via the #SocialTVEvent hashtag.

For more information about the event, visit the blog at


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Partnering Your Business with Twitter; A Conversation with Brent Herd

Twitter Bird Icon | The Bella Buzz podcast

Long time Twitter users Desiree Scales and Joe Magennis speak with Brent Herd, the Director of Southeast Partnerships for Twitter, on this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast.

In the face of feature enhancements by other major social networks, Twitter continues to provide a simple to use platform for communications.  With 140 character limitations and minimal user disruption, the service continues to be a stronghold for messaging and breaking news coverage in particular.

It is possible that many listeners were not aware that Twitter had opened some satellite offices with the intention of helping brands take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities.  Brent opened the Atlanta office in January of 2011 and has dealt directly with some of the major residents of the city such as Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola.

He has gone beyond just a simple sales role and has witnessed first hand how some of these companies are integrating Twitter into their total customer service package.  Delta has their own Social Lab set up with flat screen panels to monitor Twitter activity.  They use the real time information that they are collecting to respond to customers, to be proactive, and even manage connecting traffic. They have  a specific Twitter account @DeltaAssist for these efforts.

There are a variety of different sponsorship opportunities available on the platform, Promoted Trends, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts  ..   Brent gives us a nice breakdown of each segment, specifically pointing out the company’s intention of making them as organic as the conversations on Twitter themselves.

  • Promoted Trends – Giving the advertiser the ability to own one of the hashtags that appears in the Top 10 trends on Twitter.  It is analogous to a placement on a web site home page.
  • Promoted Tweets – (interesting factoid; It took Twitter about 3.5 years to get to 1 billion tweets, now they do 1 billion tweets in about 3 – 4 days!)  Advertisers now have the ability to put together a very targeted campaign, including geo-targeting, so that a finite group of users will see a sponsored message.  These can be very affordable campaigns since they are based on CPA type models.  They use the term “engagement” as a measurement, which includes Replies, Retweets and Click Throughs.  Current engagement statistics are 3% – 5%, much higher than standard click through rates on the web.
  • Promoted Accounts – helps brands build a follower base in a very quick time period.
Another interesting approach to using Twitter and the ability of a brand to develop a “personality” is the way that Coca-Cola uses the @DocPemberton account.  This is a fictional representation of the inventor of Coca-Cola, who lived in Atlanta during the 1800′s.  This consistent messaging represents a form of branding that is less intrusive than the standard dissemination of corporately crafted fare.  (Baseball fans will be reminded of the @OldHossRadbourn Twitter account)
To wrap up our conversation, Brent fills us in on the Analytics dashboard platform for publishers, with hints at features to come. Also, keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the deep integration of Twitter with the new iOS devices such as the iPhone 5.
We want to extend our sincere thanks to Brent for joining us on the podcast, and we look forward to another interview in the future.


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Developing Your Online Value with Empire Avenue


While Desiree and I are always on the lookout for the latest developments in the social media space, there are times when we come across an online service with elusive real world application.  Diving right in and using a service is one way to overcome that hurdle. The other approach is to get in touch with the company founder and let them tell us about the vision behind the service.  That is what we have done with Empire Avenue for this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast.

We are pleased to speak with the CEO/Co-Founder, Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana.

Empire Avenue is a Social Stock Market that aims to provide some context for all of an individual’s activity on the major social networks.  It is a smart game and a social network all rolled into one.  It is a fun way to find new connections and to acknowledge the value that you get from someone else.

The more that you distribute quality content on social networks, get liked, re-tweeted, shared, etc., the more value that you generate for your “shareholders”. These shareholders can ultimately become very lucrative real life connections, just like every other online social network.

Dups and his team of five (and expanding) were able to develop this very complex platform in-house.  Once you have become a member and log into Empire Avenue, you will see an interface that reminds you of a real stock portfolio page! An interesting development in a short period of time,has turned the pattern of social network adoption upside down. Initially the user base would have come from other networks driving people into Empire Avenue, now they are seeing that users are looking for ways to increase their share price by signing up for additional services that are part of the Empire Avenue ranking system.  They are now driving users in the other direction.

At the time of writing this post, there are just a few more days left in a contest used to promote the fact that users can integrate with their profile.  Listeners to the podcast will remember the distinction between the .Com and .Org WordPress sites from our recent conversation with Beau Lebens.  Currently, the OAuth authentication process that the .Com sites provide allows Empire Avenue to assign a portfolio value to it.  There are hints that in the future we may see a way to get the other stand alone sites as well.

About 15 minutes into the podcast, Dups gives a shoutout to Google+ wishing that they would open up their API so that it could be integrated into the platform as well.  They must have been listening!!  We can now announce a beta from that social network as well.

As the business models for all of these social networks evolve, users are going to start considering the long term viability of an entity before investing a ton of time developing their profiles. Although Empire Avenue is a game at heart, and can be fun to do as a diversion, users will want some assurance that there is some long term value to their efforts.  Dups can proudly proclaim that they are already deriving revenue without advertising.  They have in game purchases with a virtual currency that generates revenue, and brands will be using the platform to reach users as well. This bodes well for the longevity of the platform and a return to their investors as well.

We have to address the issue of “real name” identity that has become a point of discussion around the web.  For a service like Empire Avenue with some beneficial real world value, for job seekers perhaps, we need to be able to authenticate a profile while providing a level of privacy. It is a very sticky issue that is going to need people like Dups giving it some serious thought, in order for it to be resolved.

Finally, Empire Avenue is very appreciative of the developer community that exists around the platform.  They have not developed their own mobile apps, but you can find all types of resources at the Planet Empire Avenue site.  It’s very cool, and shows the signs of a strong community, that they have let this eco-system develop.   Bravo!

We want to thank Dups for taking the time from his busy schedule to speak with us.  To stay in touch with what he is up to, you can find him on Twitter, read his blog, and of course you can invest in him at Empire Avenue.  Tell him that you heard him on The Bella Buzz podcast!

If you decide to join Empire Avenue, you can find us at


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Growing Your Reach With Triberr; An Interview with Dino Dogan


On this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast, we speak with Dino Dogan the co-founder along with Dan Cristo of  Triberr is a “reach multiplier” that helps content marketers leverage the power of groups to help distribute content. It has proven to be very effective for the Georgia Social Media Moms who have seen great results in getting their content broadly distributed.

It came about as an alternative to services like Twitterfeed where you could informally form alliances in order to pass around tweets. Since there was no service like Triberr, where you can work within groups who are aligned based upon a particular subject, Dino and Dan decided to launch the platform.

As the platform was launched, the group of people involved were essentially their friends.  There was no need to be worried about the relevancy of the content getting re-tweeted, since it was pretty certain that the content would be applicable to each other’s audiences.  As the service grows, Dino emphasizes the importance of “trust” over the automagication that the system provides. Iteration is always an important aspect of a launch, and the ability to manually control which tweets are sent out was one of the recent additions to user control.

To get some better ideas on how to make the most out of a Triberr membership, check out the strategies blog that Dino writes to help with getting started.  The blog helps to explain some of the unique rules and nomenclature within Triberr, such as Inbreeding and Replay.

As a business model, the company is utilizing a virtual currency called Bones.  Members can decide to upgrade the experience through purchasing these goods, but it is not required to take full advantage of the platform. At this point in the launch, the strategy is to build something great that everyone wants to be involved in, then to iterate future revenue models from there.

Dino makes a great point towards the end of the interview when deciding if Triberr is right for you.  He states that his customer base is “authority bloggers” and that businesses are tricky to categorize that way. If the strategy for your business is to create interesting content that reaches an audience, then the platform might be for you. If the content is standard “boring” business content, then it might not be where you can expand your reach., the challenge is to always make content that converts.

Give Triberr a look and give us a shout if you would like an invite, or reach out to Dino at dino[at] and tell him you heard him on The Bella Buzz!


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