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On this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast, coming off a chance meeting at the recent Coke Mobility Summit, we catch up with the CEO & Founder of Nathan Pettyjohn.

Aisle411 is a mobile app that is taking on the challenge of making shopping more efficient.  As shoppers use the app, it helps them find items, it creates and manages shopping lists, and even provides product reviews. Beyond those excellent features, it will even help shoppers plan their shopping route within the store itself! Think about that great time saving experience. As a shopper enters a store with their shopping list planned out, the functionality of the app will direct the user through the store from aisle to aisle.  No more doubling back because of something forgotten or scouring the aisles for an elusive sales clerk to point the way.  It’s available in the Aisle411 app.

Many podcast listeners will be familiar with the gaming and incentives that are getting built into mobile platforms such as Foursquare and Facebook Places and this app is no different.  Social sharing and brand interactions are a key part of the feature set that this personal shopping concierge provides.

Major retailers are also looking to Aisle411 to build out a white label version so that they can maintain the brand equity in their mobile strategy while providing this excellent functionality. If you see your favorite store adding these features to their apps, now you will know that Nathan and his team might be working behind the scenes to help them develop it.

The business started in 2007 as an idea Nathan had while he was at a Lowe’s store.  After a long search trying to locate a surge protector in the big box, he encountered a customer and an associate looking for grommets.  That customer ended up leaving the store after an unsatisfactory experience, but all was not lost as Nathan realized there was an opportunity to connect the store inventory to a mobile shopping app. Aisle 411 can help stop these bad experiences from happening and will help provide a more pleasant buying experience for all. Now, where do we find those grommets?

Visit the iTunes store to get the iOS version of the application, and keep an eye out for version 2.0 on both iPhone and on the Android platform in the near future.  Give them a Like on their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter to keep up with all of the latest developments.

We would like to thank Nathan for taking the time away from building and funding an exciting new business, to speak with us on The Bella Buzz podcast. We look forward to seeing the future for


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