Globally (Dis)Connected and Expanding Your Local Networks

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We welcome back Desiree from a family trip to Poland on this edition of The Bella Buzz!  It is an eye opening experience to compare the amenities that we take for granted here in the U.S., and for the podcast audience, in particular, the connectivity capabilities that we have due to a basic telecom infrastructure.

Polish Flag Around a large city like Warsaw there was no problem getting a slow 3G connection, but once heading out onto the ancestral farm, Desiree had to rely on a friendly neighbor to get a single hour of Internet time in order to stay on top of things.

Meanwhile back in the States, Joe gets his new iPad and loves it's potential.  Early results include a bit of a disappointment that more apps are not made specifically for that iPad right now, rather they are just blown up versions of iPhone apps.

Some early recommendations for good apps using the device to its full potential include Wired Magazine, Popular Science, New York Times Editor's Choice, and USA Today.  We are also going to be using Netflix to a large degree on this portable, personal device.

We also have a big announcement regarding Joe's personal situation as the family is relocating to Boston.  It points out the flexibility and productivity of an internet business, as all that is required for this move it to get to high bandwidth.  No longer is there the struggles of a family trying to relocate by finding two jobs in proximity.

Unrelated to the transition north, Joe is speaking on a panel at The Affiliate Summit in New York City on Sunday August 15th.  The conference is a gathering of affiliate marketers and merchants with educational sessions and a trade show.  The panel is called Podcasting 101 and will be a discussion of the basics of producing, hosting, monetizing and distributing a podcast.

This opens up a discussion about the changes we are about to witness regarding on demand content.  We are shifting away from a network structure of consuming things on their schedule and heading towards a format such as Leo Laporte's Twit.TV network, where shows can be consumed live or whenever the viewer wants.

At this point the challenge becomes much more of discovery for the content producers.  How are they going to get an audience to discover their content?  It is a challenge that web site owners face every day and the same principals apply, good content equals good search rankings & good content will be passed around a social network.  So rather than trying to force feed an audience in a particular time slot, producers can focus on the content quality and work on building an audience.

In the end, we get around to realizing that it's all about Networking .. whether it is the social media scene in Boston or the new office digs that Desiree is moving into, there will be new people in our lives who will expose us to different and exciting concepts that will influence our interests.  We look forward to bringing them to The Bella Buzz audience.

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