LinkedIn, iPad2 and A New Podcast Format

LinkedIn Infographic | 100 Million Users | The Bella Buzz.comThis week on the Bella Buzz podcast we celebrate a milestone for one of the “Big Three” social networks, LinkedIn.  We also talk about the new direction that the podcast will be taking, plus a couple of thoughts prior to Desiree getting her new iPad 2 in the coming days.

LinkedIn gets to 100M

LinkedIn announced this week that they had hit 100 Million members, and as seen on the infographic to the left, that’s a lot of business cards! Desiree and Joe have both taken the time to cultivate a business network on the site and have found it useful for making a different set of connections than the ones obtained through Facebook and Twitter.

We both have the basic level of account, with no purchased upgrades necessary to get deeper analytics on the visitors to our profiles. We also use the subscription tools to follow select topics in the LinkedIn Answers feature.  Contributing to these categories will identify you as an expert in the field with a willingness to contribute to the overall community.  These types of interactions can lead to new business opportunities.

LinkedIn also provide automated ways to keep fresh content from other social networks appearing on a profile page so blog RSS feeds and Twitter feeds can show a profile visitor much more up to date information than a static profile.

New Podcast Focus

We were having a conversation about startups after our recent podcast with Jacqui Chew and we decided to focus our attention on a particular aspect of the Internet economy.  Our attention will focus on startup businesses which are developing the up and coming services, tools, features and sites that will help us in achieving our listeners business objectives.

We have always tried to have topics that benefit the small and medium sized business owner and shine some light on new and different business tactics in the online space.  Now we will seek out conversations with the minds behind the businesses.

Of course, it’s great for them to get their names in front of an audience that might become super users or beta testers for them.  For any new business, it is the feedback from the early adopters that can help steer a proper course.  We hope to become a conduit that allows these startups to introduce their ideas to potential customers and partners.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming conversations, and look forward to your feedback on the shows!

If you or someone that you know would like to appear as a guest on The Bella Buzz podcast, send an email to Desiree.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great podcast! I’m on LinkedIn and use it, but I find that I need to boost my presence on there… then, again, there is always a need to tweak things and visit new avenues!

  2. Thanks Dwayne. Glad it is helping you!

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