The New and Improved Bella Buzz Podcast: Location Marketing

The summer hiatus for The Bella Buzz podcast has finally expired!  The relocation of co-host Joe Magennis has been resolved to the extent that it allows for the resumption of weekly conversations with Desiree Scales about all things internet.  There have been numerous events that have transpired during the time away so we wanted to get caught up with those. We also want to let you know some exciting changes about The Bella Buzz, as well as set the stage for more exciting topics in upcoming podcasts.

The biggest news about The Bella Buzz is the move of the blog from a Typepad blogging platform to a WordPress site.  We had done an episode back in June, discussing the power of a site that uses WordPress as a CMS system, so it was time to make the transition.  Although there are simple tools that help move content between most platforms these days, it is making sure that images, podcasts, and links still function properly.  Double checking all those elements takes meticulous testing.  (Note.. if you find anything on this site  that is broken please let us know at

Desiree is also taking a look at a new logo for her web design company, Bella Web Design, so keep an eye and an ear out for that in the near future.

The time away has mostly given us a chance to look at the latest and greatest internet marketing ideas, and give them a chance to settle in.  Many times we jump on the latest opportunity before it has had a chance to find it’s usefulness in the toolbox of marketing tactics, so sitting back and absorbing them has provided a fresh perspective.

One such tool that has been growing in popularity is Foursquare and the location based apps including competitors like Facebook Places and Gowalla.  Projecting into the future, there will come a time when smartphones will be sending and receiving data that will trigger offers from nearby places.  Using Foursquare over the summer has provided a glimpse into that.  Ben & Jerry’s has set up each of their locations as venues within the Foursquare system, and upon checking in nearby, a message appeared on screen indicating that there was a Special Offer.  Targeting and delivering an incentive message to a potential customer for zero cost is certainly an effective way to drive traffic.  Getting your brand to appear on the valuable real estate of a smartphone’s screen should be part of your distribution channel.

After completion of this episode recording, and prior to launch .. an article appeared on Mashable demonstrating how a big brand like McDonalds is demonstrating success with using Foursquare to drive in-store traffic!

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