An Interview with Mark Schmulen: Nutshell Mail Delivers Social to your Inbox

This week on The Bella Buzz podcast, we begin our series of focusing on emerging technologies entering the marketplace and their application for small and medium sized businesses.  Desiree and Joe are pleased to speak with the Founder of Nutshell Mail, Mark Schmulen.

Before we get to our guest, Desiree catches us up on the session that she presented at RETechSouth called The Art of Engagement in 140 Characters or Less. This was a presentation about the art of writing to be engaging, confined to the space of a Twitter post.

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Consistent with our efforts to introduce guests with interesting backgrounds and an understanding of the changing world of marketing communications, we had a great time talking with Mark.

His company was founded in 2008 with the intention of building a better way of keeping track of all of your social networking activity.  The free service allows you to schedule an email delivery with the important content from the social networks that you participate in, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.. By having it delivered to your inbox on a consistent basis, you can eliminate the constant distraction of wondering if you missed something in your network.  The company was recently acquired by a sponsor of The Bella Buzz Podcast, Constant Contact and Mark is now the General Manager of Social Media.

One of the principles that Nutshell Mail was built on was “Getting Things Done” or the “GTD” space. Names such as David Allen and Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Workweek were very influential for the founders when trying to develop a tool that would help manage the social media space. The email Inbox was the place where this could actually happen, “on your time and on your terms.”

A great side effect of using Nutshell Mail to manage the social media marketing efforts is a peace of mind.  Having the knowledge that something will not get missed in this listening station, you can go about your business while still being actively involved.

Constant Contact saw some synergy between the companies as a way to demonstrate that email and social go hand in hand.  They have been very innovative, (and there is more to come!) about providing some tools that will help small businesses find ways to communicate with their engaged customer base.  In both cases, Nutshell Mail and Constant Contact find a common point of connectivity with people through the email Inbox.  A company saying is “email lights the fire, while social media fans the flames!”

To stay in touch with Mark, you can find him on Twitter at the handle @mshmulen, or search for him on Facebook and LinkedIn.  We are also very proud to be have Constant Contact as a sponsor of The Bella Buzz podcast and look forward to new tools that the will be introducing to the over 430,000 small business customers that they serve.

To sign up for the service, you can visit either Nutshell Mail or Constant Contact.


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