1. MSM are out of money. They’re broke. Their ad revenues have trickled to nothing. CNN had no weekend desk/staff to cover the story in the way it should have been. I talk to CNN staffers every day. The new media reality (combined with this economy from hell) makes for… #cnnfail. Sadly.

  2. Bella,
    While I was very aware of this situation prior to reading your post, I wanted to give you two thumbs up for:
    “Our role here on The Bella Buzz podcast is not to tackle the political or social issues of the day, but when they intersect with the use of social communication tools that are a part of our every day environment, we feel that it is necessary to point out how they are being used and to turn it into an analogy for our audience to better understand how powerful they can be.”
    Thank you for the critical and objective observations.
    I look forward to more of your postings!
    All the best! Ohh and @grayson.. You are correct. #cnnfail

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