Meet Tweeplayer Founder Mick Darling


One of the more popular activities while using Twitter is participating in conversations around live events or television.  Desiree has uncovered an entire business model of live tweeting conferences as a Twitter MC, while Joe has immersed himself in the online baseball community.

Our guest on this episode of The Bella Buzz podcast has built a platform that ensures that the conversation can continue even when the event has concluded.  Mick Darling and his team have developed TweePLayer, a service that syncs video and twitter conversations for future access.

At the core of the service is the capturing and curating of twitter content that takes place during an event and synchronizing it to be played at a later time.  The event can be TV shows, sporting events, conferences or any other activity that generates significant chatter simultaneously.  The platform is in beta development, but will soon be able to capture the conversations taking place on Facebook as well.

The technology is advanced enough so that it displays the tweets taking place along with the exact moment of the recorded video, but it also allows viewers to tweet via the platform, so future viewings will include the new tweets as well.  This really ensures that participants can fully engage with the conversation and build on it in future viewings. This will have an interesting effect historically for example, if circumstances change the overall perception of an event and we look back at the way the conversation has morphed over time.

In order to pull off a comprehensive view of the conversation surrounding an event, TweePLayer must first evaluate all of the possible ways in which viewers might be conversing beyond a simple hashtag.  Once they have identified an event to record, they will abstract names, characters, time zones, any other factor that will allow them to capture all of the relevant conversation taking place. These keywords are searched and downloaded directly from Twitter.  A high level semantic analysis will provide some great discoveries to increase the relevance and gives TweePLayer a huge advantage over other possible competitors.

The spark of Mick’s idea came during a conversation at SXSW with a friend who was concerned about getting spoiled about a Tivo’d episode of Lost.  Mick realized it might be cool to have a “Tivo for Twitter”.  The idea started to incubate, but it wasn’t until the following year at SXSW that a representative from The State Department requested a demo for none other than Secretary Clinton!  This provided the genesis of the functionality that exists on the platform today.

Some of the best content producers on the web, including Leo Laporte, are looking for ways to prevent the evaporation of the conversations taking place around their podcasts and videos, and might be perfect candidates for implementing TweePlayer. Mick has discovered one of the challenges of this type of content is one of the mediums greatest attributes .. the format is not dictated by a time limit.  This makes it hard for TweePLayer to capture the data automatically and might require a form of human “producer”.  It is not impossible to implement, but would need to be integrated into a business model.

There is even an educational technology application that this can be applied to.

We would like to thank Mick for his time in speaking with us on The Bella Buzz podcast.  To find out more, go to and the blog and find all of the activities that Mick is involved in by Googling his name!


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