The Social Network: Business Lessons and The American Dream

On this episode of The Bella Buzz Podcast, Desiree and Joe explore the social media space through the lens of pop culture, and the recently released movie The Social Network.

The movie is the semi-factual account of the creation of Facebook. We are presented with Mark Zuckerberg’s tale from his days as a student at Harvard and his motivation for making a name for himself as a coder on campus through the launch of the site. Throughout the narrative we are also presented with the depositions from two lawsuits that the company and Zuckerberg had to endure.

We really don’t need to go into the details of the script on this podcast, full details can be found on it’s IMDB page.  However, there were some lessons that we were able to glean from our viewing.

The lessons were mostly along the lines of maintaining a singular focus on achieving your objectives.  It’s hard to know when you “have a marlin” but when you do recognize it, do everything in your power to land it.  Never go off looking to get the little fish.  There is something that is very exciting in the entrepreneurial spirit that many of the startups around the country demonstrate on a daily basis.  This film depicts it very well.

Where once there was an American dream to earn a living, put a roof over our heads and provide for the future, today’s depiction of the American dream is to build something that changes the world.  Facebook has obviously had a tremendous impact, globally, on the way in which we connect, communicate and establish relationships.


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